Borosil Glass Mixing & Serving Bowl with White Lid, Oven & Microwave Proof, 350 ml, Clear, Transparent, Standard


  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Serving, heating, storing – your kitchen all-rounder is here! The Borosil glass mixing bowls with lids are the kitchen utensils every Indian kitchen needs. These glass bowls are suitable for prepping and mixing, and also as serving bowls for your delicious dals, halwas, salads, pastas, etc. They can also be used as storage containers for food leftovers and more.
  • FOOD SAFE : Made of 100% borosilicate glass, our glass mixing bowls keep your food fresh, delicious and toxin-free. The laboratory-grade borosilicate glass does not leach chemicals into your food, even when heated to high temperatures or after repeated usage. Borosil Mixing Bowls are also odour and stain resistant.
  • COMES WITH AN AIR-RELEASE VENT: The vents on the lid make it convenient for serving and storing. Heat your food and put the lid on till you’re ready to eat; it’ll taste as fresh as when you cooked it. Snap the lid back on after your meal and put away the leftovers in the fridge.
  • STAIN & SCRATCH RESISTANT- The glass bowls remain crystal clear, looking brand new even after thorough use because of their scratch resistant quality. They also do not absorb haldi or masala stains, remaining crystal clear no matter their contents.
  • FREEZER, OVEN & MICROWAVE PROOF – The glass mixing bowls are made of borosilicate glass to withstand extreme temperature changes without the risk of cracking or shattering. They are strong enough to withstand temperature up to 350┬░C for any duration.


You can keep aside those plastic ice-cream and take-out containers. Opt for our non-toxic, long-lasting borosilicate glass bowls. Our glass mixing bowls do triple duty, you can heat and store food in them and also use them as serving bowls. Just follow our list of Dos & Don’ts to ensure you get the optimal use out of them. Dos Use in electric oven, convection oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer. Pre grease your bowl before pouring in food meant for baking. Pre heat oven before use for best result. Allow frozen bowl to reach to warm a bit before putting it in the oven for reheating (however, straight from the fridge to the oven is ok) Allow hot bowl with food to cool a bit before putting it into the freezer (putting a hot bowl into the fridge, however, is ok) Wash with soap and a soft sponge, or in the dishwasher. Don’ts Do not use the plastic lid in conventional oven or microwave oven. It is not recommended that plastics be heated, as research shows that the plastics leach chemicals at a higher rate when heated. Do not use over direct flame. Do not allow the food to dry completely in the oven. Do not put the hot bowl on cold or wet surface. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers to ensure scratch free surface.


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