Brass Diya for Puja Oil Lamp, Brass Diwali diyas, Puja Items for Diwali Decor


  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN This type diya has been used for Diwali Decoration for centuries
  • PERFECTLY SIZED Measures 4 cm in diameter, 2.2 cm in Height, 6.2 cm in length and weighs 45 gram each
  • No Puja Is Complete Without a Lamp = In many Indian households, diyas are an essential part of ceremonies, auspicious functions, prayers & Puja. Silver and brass diyas are popularly found in homes. So if you are looking for diyas to worship, then you can explore our curated list of best Brass lamps you can buy to adorn your prayer room or mandir.
  • Artisan crafted handmade metal ware is made by skilled craftsmen in india. Enhance the decor value of your Home Puja-Temple with this offering Brass Kuber Diya. Brass Metal adds beauty and a vintage look to your Home & Temple.
  • On the occasion of diwali, christmas, anniversary, birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful gift item.
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Brass kuber diyas are most suitable for daily use; hence Pital (Brass) diyas for puja room is commonly used. Pital Diyas can be used daily, for special occasions, for decorations, or as a gifting option.Just like other diyas, brass diya’s are easy to use. Place the cotton wick in the slot given for the same. Pour vegetable oil or the ones you regularly use to light the diya and light up the wick. If the diya comes with a lid, close the lid after lighting and enjoy the warm glow of the diyas and the way they fill up your pooja room and heart with positivity. Cleaning is also as simple as using the diya. After the oil is completely drained, remove the remaining wick from the lamp and wash it with mild liquid soap used to clean the vessels. Do not use harmful chemicals that might damage the diya.


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