Milton Clarion 1500 Steel Casserole,1.2l Steelplain


  • Double -walled stainless steel casserole with clear,toughened glass lid
  • Keeps food hot & fresh for long hours
  • Unique shape


Featuring a range of casseroles that are engineered in double-walled steel to keep food hot and fresh for hours. These insulated casseroles come with a transparent glass lid that allows you to view its contents. Made of outer and inner stainless steel walls, it is simple to use and elegantly designed. Families across the country love to sit down for a family dinner and enjoy a good food together for home cooked meal. A popular dinner dish that is easy to make and so versatile is the casserole. At the heart of this delicious meal is the vessel in which it’s made the casserole dish.


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