Trueware Stainless Steel Ruff Thermos Tuff Jug 1200- 1000ml


  • It is BPA Free & FDA Approved
  • Made of food -grade inner & outer body High quality stainless steel.¬†
  • Package Content : 1 Flask, 1000ml


Trueware proudly presents the Ruff Tuff Flask. Ruff Tuff Insulated flask is designed to keep yours beverages hot/cold for long hours. Its stainless steel body on the inside and outside which makes it a highly utility leak proof flask, which keeps the beverages /liquids hot or cold for 8-10hours. Double-wall insulation technology retains the temperature, flavor, freshness and nutritional value of the drink inside. The top is wide enough to fill easily. Lid is made with 100% food grade plastic (BPA Free & FDA Approved). It is easy to carry . This Flask is perfect for gifting on the festive season. All over sealed body, no point of any leakage or dripping while traveling or so.. Smooth finished handle to grip it and pour your favorite beverages/liquids. It has inner-steel body which makes it Unbreakable.


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