Acrylic Butter Dish

The Acrylic Butter Dish is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen or dining table. Crafted from high-quality, transparent acrylic material, this butter dish offers a modern and sleek look that effortlessly complements various kitchen aesthetics.

With its clear design, it allows you to showcase the rich and creamy texture of your favorite butter while keeping it fresh and protected. The transparent construction also enables you to easily monitor the butter’s quantity, ensuring you never run out during a busy breakfast or brunch.

It is perfectly sized to hold a standard stick of butter, ensuring ample storage for your favorite spreads.

It features a sturdy lid that securely seals in the butter’s freshness, preventing it from picking up any unwanted odors from the refrigerator. The lid is easy to remove and place back on the dish, making it convenient to access the butter whenever needed.

Designed with functionality in mind, this butter dish is equipped with a convenient handle on the lid, allowing for effortless transportation from the kitchen counter to the dining table. The handle also ensures a firm grip when opening or closing the dish, providing added convenience and ease of use.

Cleaning the dish is a breeze, as it is dishwasher safe. Alternatively, you can hand wash it with mild soap and warm water. The durable acrylic material is resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring the butter dish maintains its pristine appearance even after repeated use.


Elevate your dining experience with the elegant Acrylic Butter Dish, a must-have kitchen accessory for butter lovers. Indulge in creamy goodness!

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