Dreamz Regal

The Dreamz Regal collection is a stunning ensemble of tableware that exudes elegance, sophistication, and timeless charm. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to elevate your dining experience, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary moments of indulgence.

Dreamz Regal: Meticulously crafted, harmonious blend of classic and modern design. Variety of pieces serving unique purposes, perfect complementarity.

Dreamz Regal’s heart: generously sized, beautifully shaped dinner plates to showcase culinary creations with stunning style and artful presentation.

The salad plates, with their slightly smaller size, are designed to accompany the dinner plates seamlessly. Their elegant curvature and refined edges make them ideal for serving salads, appetizers, or desserts, adding a touch of sophistication to every course.

To complete the set, the bowls are a perfect addition. Whether you’re savoring a comforting bowl of soup, a colorful fruit salad, or a hearty serving of pasta, these bowls offer both functionality and grace, enhancing your dining pleasure.

Standout Dreamz Regal serving platters: generous dimensions, elevated edges for grand spreads at special occasions, effortlessly elevating your table setting.

Designed with versatility in mind, the mugs in the Dreamz Regal collection are perfect for sipping your favorite beverages, be it a morning coffee, an afternoon tea, or a soothing hot chocolate. Their comfortable handles and balanced weight make them a joy to hold and use.

Beyond their striking appearance, the Dreamz Regal pieces are constructed from premium, durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance. The set’s dishwasher-safe feature adds convenience to your dining experience, making clean-up a breeze.


Captivating elegance and practicality for any occasion. Create cherished dining memories with these exquisite pieces.

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