Inalsa Promax

The Inalsa Promax is a standout appliance designed to simplify and enhance your culinary experience with its impressive performance, versatility, and user-friendly features. This robust kitchen companion is engineered to handle a variety of cooking tasks efficiently, making it an essential addition to any modern kitchen.

At the core of the Inalsa Promax is a powerful motor that ensures high performance and reliability. This motor is capable of tackling a wide range of tasks, from grinding and blending to chopping and pureeing. Whether you’re preparing a smooth puree, finely ground spices, or a refreshing smoothie, the Inalsa Promax delivers consistent and excellent results every time.

Inalsa Promax’s versatility includes multiple durable jars for blending, grinding, and chutneys, plus a chopping attachment for efficient food preparation.

It combines functional design with modern aesthetics, user-friendly controls, and ergonomic jar design for comfortable handling and pouring.

The prioritizes safety with overload protection, non-slip feet for stability, and a safety lock to ensure secure operation.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Inalsa Promax are straightforward and hassle-free. The detachable parts can be easily washed, and the smooth surfaces of the appliance make wiping it down quick and easy. This ease of cleaning ensures that the appliance remains hygienic and ready for the next use.


The Inalsa Promax: versatile, powerful, and durable with user-friendly design and multiple attachments, perfect for all cooking tasks.

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