Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp

The Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp is a remarkable and spiritually significant piece that adds grace and sanctity to your religious ceremonies and home decor. Crafted with intricate precision and made from high-quality brass, this aarti lamp is a symbol of divine light and devotion.

The lamp features five beautifully crafted faces or branches, each representing one of the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These faces hold small oil lamps, which, when lit, create a mesmerizing and radiant glow. The lamp is designed to securely hold oil and cotton wicks, ensuring a steady and continuous flame during your aarti rituals.

Made from durable brass, the Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp is built to last. Its corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant properties preserve its shine and beauty over time. The intricate patterns and designs adorning the lamp display the craftsmanship and artistry involved in its creation.

Using the Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp is a sacred and simple process. Fill each oil lamp with your preferred oil, insert a cotton wick, and light it. The gentle flames flicker, creating a serene and divine ambiance that enhances your prayers and offerings. The radiant glow of the lamp represents the presence of divine energy, illuminating your spiritual practice.

Not only does the Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp serve a functional purpose, but it also adds an aesthetic charm to your sacred space. The intricately designed brass work and meticulous craftsmanship make it a visually captivating piece. It becomes a focal point of reverence and devotion, enhancing the overall ambiance and beauty of your puja room, temple, or home altar.

Maintaining the Panch Mukhi Aarti Lamp is relatively easy. After each use, allow the lamp to cool down and gently clean it with a soft cloth. This helps preserve its shine and remove any residual oil or soot. Proper care ensures that the lamp remains a cherished item for your spiritual rituals and home decor.


It is a symbol of divine light and devotion. Its intricate design, radiant glow, and durable brass construction make it a prized possession for your religious ceremonies and home decor. Embrace the divine energy and spiritual elegance of this exquisite aarti lamp in your sacred practices.

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