Paniyarakkal with Lid

Paniyarakkal with Lid: A Versatile Culinary Delight

Paniyarakkal, also known as appe or paddu, is a traditional Indian cookware item that has gained popularity not only in its native region but also across the globe. This unique utensil is a small, round, and shallow pan with multiple molds or depressions to shape and cook delicious, bite-sized dumplings. The name “paniyarakkal” is derived from the Tamil words “paniyaram” (meaning fried batter) and “kal” (meaning vessel or pot), aptly describing its purpose.

Paniyarakkal made from cast iron, aluminum, or non-stick materials with a snug-fitting lid for excellent heat conductivity and even cooking.

Versatile paniyarakkal: traditional fermented rice-lentil paniyarams to sweet semolina-jaggery-coconut or savory vegetable-cheese-meat variations, catering to diverse tastes.

Paniyaram-making is an art: preheat molds, grease, pour batter, secure lid, cook over medium flame—aromas tantalize before tasting!

Paniyarakkal is not limited to making paniyarams alone. Its versatility extends to crafting other culinary delights, such as appe-style pancakes, dumplings, or even small savory muffins. This adaptability has made it a must-have kitchen item for those who enjoy experimenting with their cooking.


Cherished Indian cookware for versatile, scrumptious delicacies. Durable, easy to use—a kitchen essential for generations of joyful cooking.

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