Prestige PIC 20.0

The Prestige PIC 20.0 Induction Cooktop is a remarkable addition to your kitchen, offering a blend of elegance, efficiency, and safety that transforms your cooking experience. With its sleek design and compact size, it not only complements the aesthetics of your kitchen but also fits perfectly into small spaces, making it an ideal choice for modern homes, small apartments, RVs, and even dorm rooms.

At the heart of the Prestige PIC 20.0 lies its advanced induction technology, which takes your cooking to the next level. This cooktop uses electromagnetic fields to directly heat the cookware, ensuring rapid and precise heating. Whether you’re boiling, simmering, frying, or sautéing, the induction technology delivers consistent and efficient results, saving you time and energy.

With a power output of 1200 watts, this induction cooktop provides a wide range of cooking temperatures to suit your culinary needs. The intuitive control panel features a digital display and feather-touch buttons, allowing you to adjust the temperature and cooking time effortlessly. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision cooking.

Safety is paramount with the Prestige PIC 20.0. It incorporates a host of safety features, including an auto-off function that activates when no cookware is detected or when the cookware is removed. This not only prevents accidental burns but also ensures energy efficiency. Additionally, the cooktop includes a child lock feature, making it safe for households with young children.

One of the great advantages of induction cooking is its compatibility with a wide range of cookware materials. Whether you prefer stainless steel, cast iron, or enamel-coated steel, as long as your cookware has a flat bottom and is induction-compatible, you can expect optimal results. The cooktop’s glassy surface is easy to clean, as spills and splatters are less likely to burn onto it.


The Prestige PIC 20.0 Induction Cooktop is a versatile and efficient kitchen companion that simplifies your cooking tasks. Its advanced technology, safety features, and user-friendly controls make it suitable for both experienced chefs and home cooks. Experience faster, more precise, and safer cooking with this induction cooktop, and elevate your culinary adventures to new heights.

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