Pringle HM-1205

The Pringle HM-1205 is a versatile and innovative heating mug that combines convenience and functionality to enhance your hot beverage experience. With a sleek design and a host of features, this mug is designed to keep your favorite drinks warm for longer periods.

Large 1000 ml capacity for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate lovers, perfect for home, office, or outdoor use.

Equipped with a powerful 350-watt heating element, the Pringle HM-1205 efficiently maintains the temperature of your beverage. The heating element is carefully designed to evenly distribute heat, avoiding any hot spots that could affect the taste or quality of your drink. With this mug, you can enjoy your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature, sip after sip.

To enhance convenience and safety, the Pringle HM-1205 incorporates several user-friendly features. It may include an easy-to-use temperature control system, allowing you to adjust the heat level to your preference. This way, you can enjoy your beverages at a temperature that suits your taste.

The mug’s insulation technology is another notable feature. It helps to keep your drink warm while preventing external heat transfer. This means that even if you hold the mug or place it on a surface, the temperature of your beverage will be retained for an extended period.

Safety is a top priority with the Pringle HM-1205. It may include an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the heating element after a set period of inactivity, preventing overheating and conserving energy. This feature ensures peace of mind, especially in busy environments where you may forget to turn off the mug.

In terms of design, the Pringle HM-1205 boasts a sleek and modern appearance that will complement any setting. It may feature a durable, heat-resistant construction with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. The mug’s spill-proof lid helps prevent accidental spills, making it suitable for travel or when you’re on the go.


A feature-rich heating mug for hot beverage lovers, offering generous capacity, efficient heating, convenient controls, and safety features.

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