Pringle HM-1205:350-watt Heating Mug1000 ml

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  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Suitable for making noodles,boiling eggs,tea & Coffee
  • Power-400 W
  • 6 months warranty


Pringle HM-1205 : 350-watt heating mug 1000 ml capacity and a 350-watt power rating. This mug is designed to keep beverages warm for an extended period, making it suitable for hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

The 350-watt power rating indicates the energy consumption of the heating element in the mug. This power level is typically sufficient for maintaining a warm temperature for your beverages without overheating or causing any safety concerns.

The 1000 ml capacity means that the mug can hold up to 1000 milliliters (or 1 liter) of liquid. This larger capacity makes it suitable for those who prefer to have larger servings of their favorite hot beverages.


In addition to its heating functionality, the Pringle HM-1205 may also offer other features such as insulation to retain heat, a temperature control system, and possibly an automatic shut-off mechanism for safety.


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