Aluminium Saucepan/Tea pan (Aluminium, 750 ML),Induction friendly


Flat bottom providing an easy sit on table floor as well as the stove for heating purpose .
Aluminium providing excellent heat conductivity, making the pan even for complete heating , hence providing faster cooking.
Sealed riveting of the steel handle so that keeps the grip strong and durable strength unless heavy damage.
Anti- corrosion metal and smooth surface for easy cleaning.
Resistant to corrosion


Saucepan helps you make your favourite tea and also boil milk. It has a good capacity and can be used to steam, saute or brew your favourite recipes. This is premium export quality product ensuring long life of product. This product can take high temperature heat for cooking Rice / Curry /.Best product for cooking and ideal to stir, saute in everyday cooking.Excellent for cooking curry, vegetable and boiling milk.


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