ANJALI Medu Wada Maker

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  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Freezer Safe
  • Easy to handle
  • Make Perfect Shape Vadas Easily Every Time


ANJALI Medu Wada Maker is a fantastic kitchen tool that allows you to effortlessly create delicious and authentic medu vadas, a popular South Indian snack. Designed for quick and hassle-free shaping and frying, this innovative gadget ensures perfectly round and crispy medu vadas every time.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the ANJALI Medu Wada Maker is durable and safe to use. It features a sturdy handle that provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to exert the right amount of pressure while shaping the vadas. The handle also ensures that your hands stay away from the hot oil during the frying process, promoting safety in the kitchen.

Using the Medu Wada Maker is incredibly simple. The device consists of a cylindrical container with small holes at the bottom and a plunger with a knob. To make medu vadas, you start by preparing the batter, which typically consists of soaked urad dal and spices. Then, you fill the container with the batter, place the plunger on top, and gently press the knob to release the batter through the holes, forming perfect round shapes directly into the oil for frying.

The Medu Wada Maker’s design allows for consistent and uniform vadas. The small holes create evenly distributed batter for crispy yet fluffy vadas. Customize their size by adjusting batter and pressure.

This versatile tool is not limited to medu vadas alone. You can also use it to make other delicious treats such as bondas, pakoras, and even doughnuts. Its versatility and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Cleaning the ANJALI Medu Wada Maker is a breeze. It can be easily disassembled into its individual components, allowing for thorough cleaning. You can wash it with mild soap and water or place it in the dishwasher for convenience.


The ANJALI Medu Wada Maker simplifies making medu vadas and fried snacks. Its durable, user-friendly design is essential for South Indian cuisine enthusiasts.


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