Bajaj DX14 Iron 750 W

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  • 2 layer non stick coating
  • Long life durable solplate
  • Cool Touch body
  • Advanced soleplate with German Technology
  • Light Weight
  • Watt-750 W


The Bajaj DX14 Iron 750 W is a high-performance appliance designed to cater to the diverse ironing needs of users, offering a powerful 750-watt heating element and a range of features that make ironing a breeze. This appliance is crafted with a focus on efficiency, durability, and user convenience.

The 750-watt heating element is the powerhouse behind the Bajaj DX14, ensuring rapid and uniform heating for effective ironing. Empowered with rapid heating, the iron swiftly reaches optimal temperature, ensuring users initiate ironing promptly. Versatile heating suits various fabric types.

The iron features a non-stick coated soleplate, which plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth gliding over fabrics. This non-stick surface reduces friction, preventing snagging and sticking, while also making the iron easy to clean. The soleplate’s design allows for even heat distribution, ensuring optimal results with every pass.

A key highlight of the Bajaj DX14 is its adjustable temperature control feature. This allows users to customize the heat setting based on the fabric they are ironing, preventing damage or scorching. Whether dealing with delicate garments or heavy-duty fabrics, this iron provides the flexibility needed to achieve the desired results.

Ergonomics and user comfort take precedence in the Bajaj DX14 Iron design, featuring a handle that ensures a secure grip during extended ironing sessions. The lightweight construction further enhances maneuverability, reducing user fatigue.

In terms of safety, the Bajaj DX14 incorporates a thermal fuse that acts as a fail-safe mechanism. Power to the heating element is automatically cut off by the fuse in case of overheating, preventing accidents and extending appliance lifespan.

The Bajaj DX14 Iron is not just a functional appliance; it also boasts a sleek and modern design. The aesthetics are complemented by thoughtful features like a 360-degree swivel cord that adds to the overall ease of use.


Bajaj DX14 Iron, with a 750W element, non-stick soleplate, temperature control, and safety features, is a reliable companion for effortless, perfectly ironed clothes.


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