BALTRA Crispy+4 1300 Watts Pop Up Toaster (White)

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  • 4 Slice Pop Up Toaster: Your breakfasts couldn’t be any easier and quicker while you use this Baltra Crispy+4 1300 Watts Pop up Toaster. This toaster is capable of toasting four slices of bread at the same time. This saves you from the hassle of toasting sile slices of bread again and again, and saves you a lot of time. As soon as the breads are toasted, the auto pop feature automatically pops the bread slices out. Package Contents – Main Unit, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
  • Variable Browning Setting: This efficient 1300 W Pop up Toaster can be used to toast the bread the way you want be it light brown or medium brown. With 6 adjustable browning setting, the appliance gives you a wider option to add to the convenience. This enables you to get your other work done and not stay in the kitchen throughout the process.
  • Cool Touch Body & Crumb Tray: This cool touch feature in this efficient toaster helps in keeping the body cool while in operation and saves your hands and fingers from accidental burnings.The appliance comes with a removable crumb tray to keep it clean along with a cord storage space to keep the cord in place.
  • Auto Shut-Off Protection – This pop-up Toaster comes with an extra feature of auto-off protection that protects the product against short circuit. It also has Mid-cycle Cancel function so that you can stop at any moment by pressing the stop button.
  • Warranty: This Product Comes with Two Years Warranty. EZMALL POLICY – No replacement after 7 days of delivery.

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The BALTRA Crispy+4 1300 Watts Pop Up Toaster in elegant white is a kitchen appliance that brings ease and efficiency to your daily breakfast routine. Designed to provide quick and convenient toasting, this toaster is a must-have for busy mornings or leisurely brunches.

With a powerful 1300-watt heating element, the Crispy+4 toaster ensures rapid and even toasting. Whether you prefer a light golden brown or a crispy texture, this toaster allows you to customize your toast to perfection with its adjustable browning control. Say goodbye to inconsistent toasting; the Crispy+4 delivers uniform results every time.

The toaster’s pop-up mechanism makes retrieving your toast effortless. No more struggling to get your slices out of the toaster – they pop up automatically when done, making it a hassle-free experience. The toaster can accommodate four slices of bread simultaneously, making it ideal for families or when you have guests over.

Versatile with wide slots, the toaster accommodates all bread types, from thin slices to bagels, buns, and waffles, catering to varied breakfast choices.

Safety is a top priority with the Crispy+4 toaster. It features a cool-touch exterior that prevents accidental burns, and the toaster automatically shuts off if a piece of bread gets stuck, preventing any potential hazards.

Cleaning the Crispy+4 toaster is a breeze, thanks to its removable crumb tray. Simply slide it out, empty the crumbs, and slide it back in – it’s that easy. This feature ensures your toaster stays clean and hygienic for a long time.

The toaster’s sleek and modern design, with its white finish and compact size, complements any kitchen decor. It doesn’t take up much counter space, making it suitable for kitchens of all sizes.


The BALTRA Crispy+4 1300 Watts Pop Up Toaster in white is a reliable and efficient addition to your kitchen. With its powerful heating element, adjustable browning control, and four-slice capacity, it simplifies your breakfast routine. The safety features, easy cleaning, and elegant design make it a perfect choice for households of all sizes. Upgrade your mornings with perfectly toasted bread and enjoy the convenience this toaster brings to your kitchen.


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