Borosil Akhand Diya (Large,Nickel)

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  • Material: Mixed, color: Multicolor
  • Package contents: 1-Piece borosil akhand diya (nickel)
  • Item size: 13 cm x 13 cm x 18 cm
  • Care instructions: Wet the diya with water, sour with pitambari powder for extra shine, wash well under running water, wipe clean with dry cloth, do not use steel wool or wire mesh for cleaning, always clean glass with a sponge and liquid soap
  • Does not get hot even after long hours of repeated burning
  • Has increased clarity and emits brighter light due to high quality of glass
  • Is extra resistant to thermal shock
  • Is designed to allow easy cleaning and refilling of oil
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The Borosil Akhand Diya (Large,Nickel) is a quintessential piece of craftsmanship that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design. Crafted with precision and care, this Diya embodies elegance and functionality, making it an ideal choice for religious rituals, ceremonial occasions, or as a decorative accent in any space.

At the heart of the Borosil Akhand Diya is its sturdy construction and premium materials. Made from high-quality nickel, this Diya boasts durability and resilience, ensuring it withstands the test of time and daily use. The nickel finish adds a touch of sophistication and luster, elevating its aesthetic appeal and making it a striking addition to any setting.

Spacious reservoir holds ample oil, enabling prolonged burning for uninterrupted illumination, fostering tranquility and reverence in rituals.

The thoughtful construction of the Borosil Akhand Diya extends to its ergonomic shape and dimensions. Stable base prevents tipping, wide mouth eases pouring, and strategically placed spout ensures controlled dispersal. Efficient and tidy.

Beyond its functional attributes, the Borosil Akhand Diya exudes a timeless charm that resonates with tradition and heritage. Its classic silhouette pays homage to the age-old practice of lighting Diyas as a symbol of spirituality, enlightenment, and auspiciousness. Whether used during daily prayers, festive celebrations, or intimate gatherings, this Diya imbues any space with a sense of sacredness and serenity.

Versatile decor, complements diverse styles. Whether standalone or part of arrangement, its elegance enhances any environment.


A symbol of tradition, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty, embodying spirituality and devotion in any space.


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