Brass Diya for Puja Small Size Akhand Diya

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  • This Brass decorative item Enhance the decor value of the house, office, hotel, temple etc. Great ideas for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts house warming ceremonies, Birthday gifts, new venture, award ceremonies, Diwali and festival gifts. A valuable personal collectible collection.
  • Oil Lamp / Diya is used for lighting lamps using cotton wicks. It starts all the auspicious events by lighting the lamp to create a spiritual atmosphere. These are best for including a decorative contact to any room’s decor. The perfect for everyday use, Puja wedding, events, Spa, Reiki, Meditation. etc
  • Uses / Occasion:- For Puja , Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Clients, Family and Friends, Diwali Pooja, temple, birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, engagement gift, baby shower gift, hindu god gift, diwali gift, teachers gift, thank you gift, home decor, house warming, business gift, mother’s day, father’s day, new year, retirement, wedding. It may be possible to slightly change in design,
  • Made in India


The small size Brass Diya for Puja, also known as an Akhand Diya, is an exquisite piece of traditional Indian craftsmanship that adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to any religious ceremony or puja. Crafted from high-quality brass, this diya is designed to burn oil or ghee, providing a steady and radiant flame that symbolizes the presence of divine energy.

Measuring compactly, this Akhand Diya is perfect for small puja spaces, temples, or personal altars. The diya consists of three main parts: the base, the stem, and the top. The base is broad and sturdy, providing stability to the diya when placed on any surface. The stem showcases intricate designs, while the top has a cup-like structure with tiny holes for beautiful light dispersion.

One of the notable features of this diya is its “Akhand” or continuous burning capability. A specific design ensures a long-lasting flame, guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of devotion during puja rituals. The diya can be filled with oil or ghee, serving as fuel for the flame. The reservoir is spacious enough to hold a sufficient amount of fuel, reducing the need for frequent refilling.

The brass material adds durability and regal charm, with its golden hue bringing warmth and radiance to sacred spaces.

Cleaning and maintaining this small-sized Akhand Diya is relatively simple. Its natural shine can be retained and oxidation prevented by regularly polishing it with a brass cleaning agent. Maintenance requires ensuring thorough cleaning and drying after each use to preserve its pristine condition.


The small Brass Akhand Diya is a cherished item for daily rituals, festivals, or special occasions, enhancing spiritual practices.


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