Ganesh Potato Chipser Hand French Fries Maker Onion/Carrot/Tomato/Cucumber & Fruit Slicer.


  • Material : Stainless Steel Blade
  • Best cutter in your kitchen, easy and effortless use. It also helps to make onion slices and cut small carrot to its fine shape
  • Easy to cut and safe. French fries cutter / Potato cutter is made of best quality
  • Unbreakable Body & Light Weight
  • Easy to Clean


New Improved Potato & Vegetable Chipser (French Fry) Freatures Ss Pipe Handle For Extra Strength & Lock Made Of 100% Abs Plastic Material In The Box 1 Unit Of Potato & Vegetable Chipser (French Fry) Potato & Vegetable Chipser (French Fry) Vegetable & Fruit Cutter / Chopper / Slicer No Electric Power Smart Look Suitable For Onions, Potato & All Vegetable(Hard, Soft And Fibrous) All Fruits Fresh Herbs And Spices Nuts/Cheese The easy-to-use, two part operation gets your potato chips in great, uniform shape and frees up a lot of time that you otherwise use to focus on other core activities in your cooking. Offering a different experience from what you’ll get with most typical potato chippers, the Potato Slicer and Cutter is a great way to bring convenience to your everyday kitchen time. Great Look, Nice Feel On any kitchen counter-board, the Potato Slicer Cutter looks great. This accessory is optimised to fit well with most potatoes regardless of their size. More so, it doesn’t require considerable pressure to slice thus can be used effectively by everyone, including kids. Dishwasher Safe This product is dishwasher safe, so you have an easy run cleaning it. All the three units that make up this product get sparkling clean when washed, no sticky pieces and clogs!


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