Hawkins Classic Aluminium Pressure Cooker,10L

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  • Gas Stovetop Compatible


The Hawkins Classic Aluminium Pressure Cooker,10L with its impressive 10-liter capacity, stands as a testament to traditional craftsmanship and reliability in the kitchen. Renowned for its robust construction and efficient performance, this pressure cooker has been a staple in households around the world for generations.

At the core of the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker lies its timeless design, crafted from high-quality, heavy-gauge aluminum. This durable material not only ensures strength and longevity but also facilitates rapid heat conduction, allowing for faster cooking times and energy efficiency.

Locks in flavors, reduces cooking time by 70%. Perfect for soups, meats, veggies; delivers consistent results effortlessly.

Safety is paramount, and the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker prioritizes it with its reliable pressure regulating system. The precision weight valve maintains the ideal pressure level inside the cooker, while the sturdy lid locks securely in place during cooking, preventing any accidental openings. Additionally, the built-in safety valve ensures that excess pressure is released safely, offering peace of mind during operation.

Versatility is another key feature of the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker, as it accommodates a wide range of recipes and cooking techniques with ease. From hearty one-pot meals to delicate desserts, this cooker adapts effortlessly to diverse culinary preferences, making it a versatile companion for any kitchen.

With its generous 10-liter capacity, the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker is ideal for cooking large batches of food for family gatherings, parties, or meal prepping. Whether you’re feeding a crowd or stocking up on homemade meals for the week, this cooker offers ample space and convenience for all your cooking needs.


The Hawkins Classic Aluminium Pressure Cooker, with its 10-liter capacity, combines reliability, durability, and efficiency to streamline your cooking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook, this pressure cooker promises to simplify meal preparation while preserving the rich flavors and nutrients of your ingredients. Experience the timeless appeal and performance of the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.


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