Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pan with Stainless Steel Lid,5 L

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  • Not spoilt by heat
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Metal ladles can be used
  • Non-toxic, non-staining
  • Stays looking new for years
  • Cooks some foods faster and crisper
  • Color: Black,
  • Material: Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Flat bottom
  • Capacity: 5 Litre
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Thickness:4.06 mm


The Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pan with a Flat Bottom and Stainless Steel Lid,5 L is a versatile and high-quality kitchen essential designed to meet your frying and cooking needs with efficiency and style. With a generous 5-liter capacity, this pan is perfect for preparing large meals for family gatherings, parties, or special occasions.

Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, the Futura Deep-Fry Pan boasts exceptional durability and excellent heat retention properties. The hard anodized surface not only resists scratches and wear but also ensures even heat distribution across the cooking surface, preventing hot spots that can lead to uneven cooking.

The flat bottom of this pan is designed to provide maximum stability on your stovetop, whether you’re using a gas, electric, ceramic, or induction cooktop. This makes it an ideal choice for various cooking techniques, from deep frying and stir-frying to saut√©ing and simmering.

One of the standout features of this deep-fry pan is its stainless steel lid. Sleek lid design traps heat, preserves flavors. Durable stainless steel, rust-resistant, ensures long-lasting quality. Enhance cooking with this reliable accessory.

The ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip and remains cool to the touch, even during extended cooking sessions. This makes it easy to maneuver the pan and lift it off the stove when your culinary masterpiece is ready to be served.

Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze with the Futura Deep-Fry Pan. The hard anodized surface is non-stick, which means that food residues are less likely to stick to the pan. This not only simplifies the cleaning process but also reduces the need for excessive oil, promoting healthier cooking.


Whether you’re whipping up crispy fried chicken, delicious stir-fried vegetables, or flavorful curries, the Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pan with Stainless Steel Lid is the perfect companion for your kitchen adventures. Its impressive capacity, durability, and exceptional heat distribution capabilities make it a must-have for any home chef. Elevate your cooking experience and bring out the chef in you with this outstanding deep-fry pan.


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