Hawkins Rubber Gasket Sealing Ring for 2-4 L-Set of 2

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  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Good quality rubber material
  • Long lasting


Hawkins Rubber Gasket Sealing Ring for 2-4 L-Set of 2 preserves efficiency, safety, and longevity of your pressure cooker—a crucial accessory. In this convenient set of two gaskets, you’ll find high-quality replacement sealing rings that fit pressure cookers with a capacity ranging from 2 to 4 liters, ensuring that your pressure cooker continues to perform at its best.

The gasket plays a pivotal role in pressure cooking. The gasket forms a secure seal, trapping steam, moisture, and heat for efficient cooking. Over time, worn gaskets affect pressure and cooking times.

Revitalize your pressure cooker’s performance effortlessly with the Hawkins Rubber Gasket Sealing Ring set, guaranteeing durability and a snug fit through high-quality rubber construction.

Designed for durability, these gaskets withstand high temperatures and pressure cooking demands, ensuring safe and efficient meal preparation.

Safety is paramount when using a pressure cooker, and a well-functioning gasket is key to maintaining a safe cooking environment. A proper seal prevents excess steam from escaping, reducing the risk of accidents during operation. Replace gaskets with Hawkins Rubber Gasket Sealing Rings for confidence in your pressure cooker’s reliable sealing system, ensuring safe cooking.

The set includes two gaskets, providing you with a spare for future use. This ensures that you’re prepared for any eventuality and can quickly replace a gasket if needed. Simple installation and versatile compatibility with various Hawkins pressure cookers make these gaskets an easy choice for a wide range of users.


It is an essential accessory for pressure cooker owners. This set of two high-quality gaskets ensures the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your Hawkins pressure cooker. Maintain the seal for worry-free pressure cooking with Hawkins Gasket Sealing Rings. Invest in this set for years of reliable performance.


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