Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box(900ml+200ml)

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  • 100% Leak Proof
  • 100%Airtight
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Premium quality stainless stee
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy clip-4 side detachable locking clips


The Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box(900ml+200ml)is a versatile, stylish choice with 900ml capacity plus a 200ml container for diverse meal needs.

Crafted with precision using high-quality stainless steel, this lunch box exudes elegance and sturdiness. Its fusion of form and function makes it an ideal choice for both office goers and students alike. The sleek and polished steel surface not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures long-lasting durability, resisting wear and tear over time.

Generous main compartment fits hearty salads, pasta, or flavorful Indian curries—perfect for your diverse meal preferences in the Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box. The airtight lid seals securely, preventing any leaks or spills during transportation. Preserve food freshness and reduce waste by ditching disposable containers, contributing to a greener lifestyle with the Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box.

Enhance meal organization with the 200ml container, snugly fitting inside, ideal for dressings, sauces, and sides, keeping components separate until mealtime. It’s a thoughtful design detail that enhances the lunch box’s versatility.

Enjoy added convenience with the included fork and spoon set that neatly tucks into a designated slot within the Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box lid. This eliminates the need to carry separate cutlery and ensures you’re always prepared for a meal on the go.

Cleaning and maintenance are effortless, thanks to the smooth and hygienic stainless steel interior. Simply rinse it with water or use a mild detergent to keep it in pristine condition. The lunch box is also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Compact and slim, the Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box effortlessly slides into backpacks, briefcases, or tote bags for maximum portability. The secure locking mechanism ensures that your meal remains intact during your commute, whether by car, bus, or train.


Stylish, spacious, airtight, with bonus container and cutlery—Jony Fusion Steel Lunch Box is your ultimate lunchtime companion. Upgrade your lunch experience with this fusion of elegance and practicality.


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