Prestige Nakshatra Plus Induction Base Pressure Cooker Handi,5L

Original price was: ₹2,130.00.Current price is: ₹1,900.00.

  • Materia type: Aluminium;
  • Base type: Gas & Induction Compatible Base;
  • Capacity: 5 L;
  • Lid type: Inner Lid;¬†
  • Weight: 1.55 kg;
  • Colour: Silver


The Prestige Nakshatra Plus Induction Base Pressure Cooker Handi,5Lwith its innovative design and cutting-edge features, redefines the cooking experience by combining the traditional efficiency of pressure cooking with modern induction technology. This 5-liter capacity pressure cooker handi is a versatile addition to any kitchen, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes with ease.

High-quality aluminum construction ensures quick, even heat distribution. Versatile induction base for use on traditional gas stoves and modern induction cooktops. The durable build of the cooker ensures longevity, making it a reliable kitchen companion.

One of the standout features of the Prestige Nakshatra Plus Pressure Cooker Handi is its innovative pressure indicator. The visual indicator provides a clear signal when the cooker is pressurized, ensuring that you cook your meals with precision and safety. The controlled pressure release system adds an extra layer of safety, making it user-friendly even for those new to pressure cooking.

The handi shape of the cooker adds a touch of traditional elegance to your kitchen. It is not only practical for cooking a variety of dishes but also enhances the presentation of your culinary creations. The 5-liter capacity is suitable for preparing family-sized meals, making it an excellent choice for daily use or entertaining guests.

The ergonomic handles are designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring ease of handling and maneuvering. The handles stay cool even during cooking, preventing the risk of burns and injuries. The sturdy lid fits securely, sealing in the flavors and nutrients of your food for a more delicious and wholesome meal.

Cleaning the Prestige Nakshatra Plus Pressure Cooker Handi is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The cooker disassembles easily, allowing for thorough cleaning and maintenance. The aluminium construction also resists staining, ensuring that your cooker maintains its shiny appearance even after regular use.


Versatile 5L Prestige Nakshatra Plus Induction Pressure Cooker Handi seamlessly blends traditional and modern cooking. Safe, elegant, user-friendly‚ÄĒideal for daily convenience.


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