Pringle Heating Mug HM 1Ltr 350W


  • Element boil-dry protection
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element
  • Suitable for making noodles, boiling/steaming eggs, tea & coffee


Introducing the Pringle Heating Mug HM 1Ltr 350W, a remarkable and efficient kitchen gadget that revolutionizes the way you enjoy your hot beverages. Designed to keep your drinks hot and ready to sip for extended periods, this mug features a large capacity and a powerful heating element.

Say goodbye to constant refills with the Pringle Heating Mug’s 1-liter capacity. Enjoy ample servings of hot beverages without interruption.

Indulge in steaming hot drinks within minutes with the 350-watt heating element of the Pringle Heating Mug. Consistent heat for delightful sipping

With its user-friendly design, the Pringle Heating Mug offers convenience and ease of use. It features a simple on/off switch and an indicator light, making it easy to operate and monitor the heating process. An ergonomic handle is incorporated into the mug’s design, ensuring a comfortable grip while savoring your favorite hot drinks.

Safety is a top priority with the Pringle Heating Mug. Constructed with a durable and heat-resistant exterior, the mug prevents any accidental burns or mishaps while being handled. The mug also features an automatic shut-off function, which activates when the liquid reaches the desired temperature, ensuring energy efficiency and preventing overheating.

Cleaning the Pringle Heating Mug is effortless, thanks to its detachable power cord and easy-to-clean interior. A non-stick coating is incorporated into the design of the mug, preventing residue buildup and enabling quick and hassle-free cleaning. Simply detach the power cord, wipe the interior clean, and it’s ready for your next hot beverage.


The Pringle Heating Mug HM 1Ltr 350W is a convenient and efficient kitchen gadget that keeps your favorite hot beverages at the perfect temperature for extended periods. With its large capacity, powerful heating element, user-friendly design, and safety features, it enhances your hot drink experience. Embrace the warmth and indulge in your favorite beverages with the Pringle Heating Mug.


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