Pure Brass Dhoop Dani With Wooden Handle

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  • Brass Dhoop dani :: set of 1
  • This kaphoor aarti lamp is ideal for burning solid dhoop and kaphoor fragrances and offering to the deities
  • It has a wooden handle for holding


Pure Brass Dhoop Dani with Wooden Handle is a traditional incense holder that adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to your religious rituals and home decor. Crafted from high-quality brass, this dhoop dani is designed to hold and burn dhoop or incense cones.

The dhoop dani features a sturdy base with intricate patterns and a removable lid. The ash from the burning incense is collected by the base, ensuring cleanliness and tidiness of your surroundings. The lid helps to contain the smoke and fragrance, allowing it to slowly disperse and create a serene ambiance.

The wooden handle of the dhoop dani not only adds a rustic charm but also serves a practical purpose. It remains cool to the touch, allowing you to easily lift and carry the dhoop dani, even when it is hot from burning incense. The handle also provides a comfortable grip, ensuring safe and convenient handling.

Using the Pure Brass Dhoop Dani is simple and straightforward. Place a dhoop cone or incense stick on the base of the dhoop dani and light it. As the incense burns, the fragrant smoke rises through the small holes on the lid, releasing its captivating aroma.

Apart from its functional use, the Pure Brass Dhoop Dani is also a beautiful decorative piece. Enhance your sacred space with the visually pleasing and spiritually enriching Pure Brass Dhoop Dani with Wooden Handle.

Cleaning and maintaining the dhoop dani is easy. After use, allow the dhoop dani to cool down and then gently remove the ash from the base. Wipe it with a soft cloth to restore its shine and beauty. With proper care, this dhoop dani will continue to be a cherished item for your religious practices and decor.


The Pure Brass Dhoop Dani with Wooden Handle combines functionality, elegance, and spirituality. It is a perfect companion for your incense burning rituals, creating a tranquil atmosphere and spreading the captivating fragrance of incense. Embrace the sacredness and beauty of this dhoop dani in your daily spiritual practices and home decor.


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