Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani with Spoon

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  • Package Contains : 1 Pot, 1 Spoon Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ghee Pot Set Are Made Of Stainless Steel, Which Gives Them a Bright And Elegant Look.
  • Resistant to corrosion | Dishwasher safe | Food Safe
  • A prefect multipurpose storage container. Can be used for sugar, sauce, oil, vinegar, salt
  • This is a set of small stainless steel jars specially designed for you to store oil and ghee. The set is complete with spoons to scoop out the contents in each jar.


Introducing the Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani with Spoon, a versatile and essential addition to your kitchenware collection. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this gheedani offers durability, reliability, and timeless elegance.

The sleek Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani complements kitchen decor with its polished exterior, while its smooth surface facilitates effortless cleaning.

The Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani’s standout feature is its lid-attached spoon, offering convenience and efficiency by eliminating the search for utensils.

The Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani’s ample capacity suits various dishes, making it indispensable for everyday meals or entertaining guests with its versatility.

Beyond its functionality, exceptional durability and long-lasting performance are also characteristics known of this stainless steel gheedani. Constructed from premium-quality materials, resistance to corrosion, rust, and stains ensures years of reliable use, without compromising quality or performance.

Furthermore, user convenience is kept in mind in the design of the Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani. Its sturdy handle provides comfort for lifting and pouring, while the secure lid ensures spill-free transportation of culinary creations.


Elevate your culinary experience with the versatile Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani, blending style, function, and durability for everyday and special occasions. Experience the convenience and elegance of the Rohit Stainless Steel Gheedani and take your cooking to the next level.


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