Sanman Roaster Grill tandoor papad Jali Stainless Steel Gas Stove Barbeque

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  • Very useful and durable with Steel
  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Made using stainless steel Strong Sturdy handle for better grip Great for making Roti, chapatti, papad. diameter of jali is 20 cm


The Sanman Roaster Grill Tandoor Papad Jali Stainless Steel Gas Stove Barbeque is a versatile and high-quality cooking appliance designed for both domestic and commercial use. Constructed from premium stainless steel, this grill is built to last, offering durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen or outdoor cooking setup.

One of the standout features of the Sanman Roaster Grill is its multi-functionality. It can be used as a tandoor, grill, and roaster, providing a wide range of cooking options. Whether you’re preparing traditional Indian tandoori dishes, grilling vegetables and meats, or roasting papads (a type of thin, crispy Indian flatbread), this appliance handles it all with ease. The stainless steel construction ensures even heat distribution, which is essential for achieving perfectly cooked dishes every time.

The design of the Sanman Roaster Grill is both practical and user-friendly. It features a sturdy and stable base, which ensures safety and stability during use. A Jali (mesh) is equipped on the grill to hold food securely over the flame, allowing for even cooking. The mesh is designed to be easy to clean, preventing food from sticking and making post-cooking cleanup a breeze. The grill features ergonomic handles that stay cool, ensuring safe handling even when the grill is hot.

Another key feature of the Sanman Roaster Grill is its compatibility with gas stoves. This allows for easy integration into most kitchen setups without the need for additional equipment. Simply place the grill over your gas burner, and you are ready to start cooking. This feature makes it highly convenient for indoor cooking, especially in homes with limited outdoor space for traditional barbeque setups.

The compact size of the Sanman Roaster Grill makes it easy to store when not in use, yet it is spacious enough to accommodate a significant amount of food. This balance of size and capacity makes it an excellent choice for small family meals as well as larger gatherings. Portable for outdoor picnics or camping, the Sanman Roaster Grill lets you enjoy grilled and roasted foods anywhere you go.


The Sanman Roaster Grill is a versatile, durable, user-friendly appliance for enjoying tandoor and grill cooking in any kitchen.¬†Its high-quality stainless steel construction, ease of use, and multi-functional capabilities make it a valuable addition to any culinary toolkit. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a home cook, this grill is designed to deliver excellent cooking results with minimal effort.


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