Shagoon Stainless Steel Casserole,3500 ml

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  • Included components: 1 Casserole | Volume Capacity Name: 3500 ml | Item Weight:1.700kg
  • Insulation: Double Walled Polyurethane Insulation
  • Color Name: Silver
  • Special Feature: Airtight


The Shagoon Stainless Steel Casserole, 3500 ml, brings convenience and elegance to your kitchen with its versatile and reliable design.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Shagoon Casserole is built to withstand the demands of daily cooking. The robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a trusted companion in your kitchen for years to come. The stainless steel material is resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains, ensuring easy maintenance and a lasting polished appearance.

Featuring double-wall insulation, the Shagoon Casserole keeps your food hot for longer periods, allowing you to serve piping hot dishes to your loved ones. Whether it’s comforting casseroles, savory stews, or flavorful curries, this casserole ensures that your meals stay warm and delicious.

The casserole is designed for convenience and versatility. Confidently transfer the casserole from stove to table with ergonomic handles, while the secure-fitting lid preserves flavors and moisture for optimal cooking.

With its spacious capacity, the Shagoon Casserole accommodates large quantities of food, making it ideal for serving guests or preparing meals in advance. It is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes, from hearty one-pot meals to oven-baked recipes. The ample space allows for layering ingredients and creating delectable flavors.

Cleaning the Shagoon Casserole is a breeze, thanks to its smooth and non-porous surface. Simply wash it with warm soapy water, and it will be ready for your next cooking adventure. The stainless steel material prevents food particles from sticking, ensuring easy cleanup and maintaining the casserole’s pristine appearance.

With its sleek and polished design, the Shagoon Stainless Steel Casserole adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and dining table. It seamlessly blends into any decor, whether it’s a casual family dinner or a formal gathering.


The Shagoon Stainless Steel Casserole combines durability, functionality, and elegance to elevate your cooking experience. With its ample capacity, efficient insulation, and easy maintenance, this casserole is a versatile and reliable companion for all your culinary endeavors. Invest in the Shagoon Casserole and bring culinary excellence to your kitchen.


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