Trueware Power Boost Shaker for Gym (700 ml)

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  • Ideal for carrying your favourite protein shakes, drinks, juices, and milk shakes.
  • Shaker made up with high quality food grade plastic, BPA-Free and FDA Approved.
  • Shaker comes with whisk ball inside to ensures a smooth shake with no powder lumps.
  • Leak proof as it comes with screw tight lid. The secure screw lid top ensures no spills whilst the wide spout and ‘flip cap’ offer an easy to use.
  • It holds up to 700ml (Each) to keep your shake/water. Easy to clean & Hold.


Designed to enhance your workout routine, the ultimate fitness companion, the Trueware Power Boost Shaker for Gym, offers a generous 700 ml capacity. It’s more than just a container; it’s a versatile tool engineered to support your active lifestyle.

Built with precision from high-quality materials, the shaker bottle endures gym and outdoor use. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, ensuring beverage safety on the go.

One of the standout features of the Trueware Power Boost Shaker is its advanced mixing mechanism. It incorporates a unique blending ball that effortlessly breaks down protein powders, supplements, and other ingredients, resulting in smooth and lump-free shakes. No more clumps or chalky textures; with this shaker, you’ll enjoy consistently delicious and well-mixed beverages.

The secure screw-on lid with a flip cap and leak-proof seal guarantees mess-free usage. Your post-workout protein shake stays secure and spill-free, whether you’re shaking it vigorously or carrying it in your gym bag.

700ml capacity suits various fluids—protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, supplements, and hydration. Clear markings enable precise portion control for custom beverages.

The Trueware Power Boost Shaker also features an ergonomic and easy-to-grip design, making it comfortable to hold during your workouts. The wide-mouth opening simplifies filling and cleaning, ensuring that you can maintain proper hygiene with ease.

This shaker bottle is not limited to just the gym; it’s a versatile accessory suitable for various situations. Whether you’re on a hiking adventure, at the office, or running errands, you can rely on this bottle to provide you with the nourishment you need.

Cleaning is a breeze, as the shaker is dishwasher safe. The premium materials used ensure that it remains odor-free and stain-resistant even after repeated use.


The Trueware Power Boost Shaker for Gym (700 ml) is a versatile and durable fitness companion. Elevate workouts with advanced mixing, secure lid, and generous capacity, keeping you fueled and refreshed—an excellent companion for active lifestyles.


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