Baltra Apetizer Non Stick Grill Sandwich Maker

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Colour Silver
Material Nonstick
Wattage 750 Watts
  • Elegant Design: Now taste the crunchy deliciousness of a well-grilled sandwich at home. This beautiful sandwich maker with SS Decoration on Top works on 750W. The Non-stick coated grill plates made with Teflon Coating of this sandwich maker makes it healthy appliance and also easy to operate with its Cool touch Touch Handle. This product comes with 2-year brand warranty. Package Contents – Main Unit, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
  • Automatic thermostat control: This Sandwich Maker includes an automatic thermostat control which enables indicators to signal when the product is ready. Red indicator – Power on and ready; Green Indicator – turns off automatically once grilling plates are heated.
  • Heat Resistant Body: The Toaster is protected against overheating with unique Thermal safety device. It also has a heat-resistant body, which keep its outer surface cool even while it is in use.
  • Easy to Clean: This sandwich maker is not just compact in size but also easy to clean as well. It has been designed as per your convenience so that you can clean it just in seconds of time.

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The Baltra Apetizer Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to satisfy your cravings for delicious and perfectly grilled sandwiches. With its efficient features and user-friendly design, this sandwich maker is sure to become an essential addition to your kitchen.

High-Quality Non-Stick Plates: One of the standout features of the Baltra Apetizer is its non-stick grill plates. Ensuring non-stick convenience, these plates make sandwich removal mess-free and damage-free, guaranteeing ease in the process. The non-stick coating also means you can use less oil or butter, promoting healthier cooking.

Dual-Sided Grilling: This sandwich maker features dual-sided grilling plates that ensure even heating and consistent results. No matter what type of sandwich you’re preparing, rest assured that each side will be perfectly toasted and filled with your desired ingredients.

Compact and Space-Saving Design: Compact Baltra Apetizer, perfect for small kitchens, dorms, or apartments. Save counter space while enjoying delicious grilled sandwiches. Its sleek and modern design will also complement any kitchen decor.

Fast and Efficient Heating: Equipped with a powerful heating element, this sandwich maker heats up quickly, allowing you to prepare your sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to a satisfying meal in no time.

Cool-Touch Handle: The appliance features a cool-touch handle, ensuring your safety during operation. You can easily open and close the sandwich maker without worrying about burning your hands.

Indicator Lights: Indicator lights on the Baltra Apetizer signal the sandwich maker’s readiness for use, ensuring convenience once preheated. This convenient feature eliminates the guesswork and ensures you achieve perfectly grilled sandwiches every time.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze thanks to the non-stick plates. Simply wipe the plates clean with a damp cloth or sponge, and your sandwich maker will be ready for the next use.

Versatile Cooking: This appliance allows for the preparation of a variety of other delicious dishes in addition to sandwiches. You can make waffles, grill vegetables, or even cook small cuts of meat, expanding its versatility beyond sandwiches.


Essential for sandwich lovers, the Baltra Apetizer Grill Sandwich Maker ensures quick and delicious homemade sandwiches with its user-friendly features. Its non-stick plates, efficient heating, and compact design make it a practical and convenient choice for busy individuals and families. This sandwich maker offers hassle-free, mess-free grilling, perfect for enjoying your favorite creations with ease and convenience. Upgrade your kitchen today with the Baltra Apetizer and elevate your sandwich-making game.


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