Borosil Klip-N-Store Plus 370 ml Glass Food Storage Container


  • Material : Glass
  • Capacity : 370 ml
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Airtight
  • Glass lid & Silicone sleeve
  • Microwave & Oven Safe


The Borosil Klip-N-Store Plus 370 ml Glass Food Storage Container in a rectangular shape combines practicality and innovation to elevate your food storage experience. Crafted by Borosil, a renowned name in glassware, this container is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern kitchens.

With a capacity of 370 milliliters, this container offers a versatile solution for storing and organizing various food items. Its rectangular shape makes it particularly convenient for storing leftovers, meal preps, and ingredients. The transparent borosilicate glass construction ensures durability and resistance to stains and odors, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your food.

The standout feature of the Klip-N-Store Plus series is the secure locking mechanism. The airtight seal created by the innovative clip-on lid preserves the freshness of your food, extending its shelf life. This feature not only makes it ideal for storing a wide range of food items but also allows for worry-free transportation without the risk of leaks or spills.

The container is microwave-safe, facilitating easy reheating without the need for transferring food to another dish. It is also dishwasher-friendly, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring a hassle-free experience for busy individuals and families.

The rectangular design is not just about aesthetics; it maximizes storage efficiency. The stackable nature of these containers allows you to make the most of your kitchen space, whether it’s in the refrigerator, pantry, or on the countertop. The clear glass construction enables easy identification of contents, streamlining your meal preparation and reducing food waste.


Upgrade your kitchen storage with this. It’s not just a container; it’s a versatile and stylish solution that aligns with the demands of a modern, health-conscious lifestyle. Experience the convenience of secure and efficient food storage with Borosil’s commitment to quality and innovation.


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