DUBBLIN Kango Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Silver,1800 ML

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  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle Capacity -1800 ML.
  • Inner and Outer side of Bottle is Made from 304 Grade Steel Which is Rust Free and 100% Food Grade.
  • ¬†Keep Beverages Cold for up to 24 Hours and Hot upto 12 Hours.
  • BPA-Free & Toxin Free -Easy to Clean.


DUBBLIN Kango Stainless Steel Water Bottle ,Silver,1800 ml is a premium hydration solution designed to meet your thirst-quenching needs. With a generous capacity of 1800 ml, this water bottle ensures you stay hydrated throughout your day, whether you’re on a hike, at the gym, or simply going about your daily activities.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle guarantees durability and longevity. The sturdy construction withstands the rigors of outdoor adventures and everyday use, making it an excellent choice for active individuals. Additionally, the stainless steel material prevents the bottle from absorbing odors or flavors, ensuring your drinks taste fresh and pure every time.

The DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle excels in insulation, thanks to its double-wall vacuum technology. This innovative feature creates a thermal barrier that effectively maintains the temperature of your beverages. Enjoy ice-cold water on scorching summer days or piping hot beverages in chilly weather. With the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle, your drinks will stay at their desired temperature for extended periods.

Designed for convenience, the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle features a leak-proof lid. The secure lid with a silicone seal prevents any leaks or spills, allowing you to confidently toss it into your bag without worries. The wide-mouth opening facilitates easy filling, making it effortless to add ice cubes, fruit slices, or other ingredients. It also simplifies cleaning, ensuring the bottle remains hygienic and ready for your next adventure.

The sleek silver design of the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle adds a touch of elegance to your hydration routine. The polished finish and modern aesthetic make it visually appealing. Moreover, the ergonomic design and wide base provide stability, preventing tipping and ensuring a comfortable grip during use.

In addition to its functional attributes, the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle is an eco-friendly choice. By opting for this reusable bottle, you actively contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste, promoting a cleaner environment.


The DUBBLIN Kango Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Silver with an 1800 ml capacity offers durability, exceptional insulation, a leak-proof lid, and a convenient design. It is an ideal companion for individuals seeking a reliable and stylish hydration solution. Stay hydrated and elevate your adventures with the DUBBLIN Kango Water Bottle.


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