Renberg Knife Set, 7 Pcs

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  • 5 Layer Bergner Dura Granite no stick coating to enjoy minimum oil cooking for healthy living, function last longer than regular non-stick coating
  • Full induction real disc, allowing greater contact with the heat source and a much faster cooking time with a lower energy cost
  • Product is compatible with gas stove and induction
  • QuanTanium non-stick coating with high scratch, abrasion and wear resistance
  • POFA free protects you with any harmful chemicals
  • Induction bottom compatible with any type and any size of cooker
  • Color:Silver, Material:Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents: 6-Pieces Knife and 1-Piece Knife holder
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty


The Renberg Knife Set, 7 Pcs is a comprehensive and versatile kitchen tool collection designed to elevate your culinary skills and streamline your food preparation. This set is perfect for both professional chefs and home cooks who demand precision, durability, and style in their kitchen tools.

Expertly crafted knives for precise cutting, chopping, and slicing‚ÄĒperfectly equipping your kitchen for culinary excellence.

  1. Chef’s Knife (8 inches): Your kitchen workhorse, perfect for chopping veggies to slicing meat. Versatile and indispensable for all your cutting needs. Its sharp blade and comfortable handle make it a joy to use.
  2. Bread Knife (8 inches): Serrated edge glides through bread, ensuring perfect slices without crushing. Enjoy flawless results with every use.
    Santoku Knife (7 inches): This Japanese-inspired knife is perfect for precision slicing and dicing. Its granton edge reduces friction and helps prevent food from sticking to the blade.
  3. Utility Knife (5 inches): A versatile knife for smaller tasks like slicing cheese, peeling fruits, and mincing herbs. It’s a must-have for delicate cutting jobs.
  4. Paring Knife (3.5 inches): Perfect for intricate tasks like peeling, trimming, and garnishing. Its small size provides exceptional control and precision.
  5. Carving Knife (8 inches): Specifically designed for slicing roasted meats and poultry with precision and ease. It ensures even, thin slices for a professional presentation.
  6. Kitchen Shears: These durable shears are excellent for cutting herbs, opening packages, and even spatchcocking poultry.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for enduring sharpness and resistance to stains and corrosion. Durability guaranteed. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold, providing excellent grip and control, even during extended kitchen sessions.

Uniting superior functionality with modern elegance, it enhances your kitchen while equipping you for culinary success. The knives come housed in a stylish wooden block, keeping them organized, easily accessible, and safe from damage.


Precision, durability, and style unite for chefs and home cooks alike. Elevate your culinary experience today.


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