Glare Stainless Steel Kitchen Flotilla Knives Set-5Pcs Set

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  • ✔️ An optimum chromium content, to reach the highest possible corrosion resistance in most environment.
  • ✔️ An adequate carbon content which ensures appropriate hardness level.
  • ✔️ A specific grinding system to help long lasting cutting edge retention.
  • ✔️ An ERGONOMICAL designed handle ensures easy handling & comfort even during prolinged use of the knife.
  • ✔️ A soft, coarse & anti-slip grip gives retirement from tiredness to users hand.


The Glare Stainless Steel Kitchen Flotilla Knives Set-5Pcs Set  is a culinary essential that combines style and functionality to elevate your cooking experience. This 5-piece knife set is meticulously designed to meet the demands of both amateur and professional chefs, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen.

High-quality stainless steel ensures these knives are durable, rust-resistant, and stain-resistant for long-lasting, pristine condition. Ideal kitchen companions. The blades are precision-forged to provide exceptional sharpness, making slicing, dicing, and chopping effortless tasks.

The set includes a versatile range of knives, each tailored to specific culinary tasks. The 8-inch chef’s knife is the workhorse of the kitchen, perfect for chopping vegetables, slicing meats, and mincing herbs. The 7-inch Santoku knife excels at precision slicing and dicing, making it a favorite among professional chefs. The 6-inch utility knife is ideal for tasks like sandwich preparation, while the 3.5-inch paring knife is perfect for intricate cutting work, such as peeling and trimming.

One standout feature of the Glare Stainless Steel Kitchen Flotilla Knives Set is the ergonomic design of the handles. Each handle is carefully contoured to provide a comfortable grip and reduce fatigue during extended periods of use. The seamless transition from the blade to the handle not only enhances the knives’ aesthetics but also ensures hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Safety is a top priority with this set. Each knife is equipped with a protective bolster to prevent accidental slips and finger injuries while cutting. Additionally, the knives come with blade guards for secure storage and to maintain blade sharpness.

Cleaning these knives is a breeze, thanks to the stainless steel construction and non-stick coating. They are also dishwasher safe, although handwashing is recommended to prolong their lifespan.


Perfect for home cooks and professional chefs alike, the Glare Stainless Steel Kitchen Flotilla Knives Set offers reliability and culinary excellence. With its exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and durability, this set ensures that you have the right tool for every kitchen task. Elevate your culinary journey with the Glare Stainless Steel Kitchen Flotilla Knives Set.


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