Hawkins Pressure Cooker Repair Kit (KIT5L)


  • Suitable for repairing the following pressure cookers – Classic 3.5, 4, 5, 6.5 & 8 (Tall) Litre; Hevibase 3.5, 5 & 6.5 Litre; All Contura (except Stainless Steel) 3.5, 5 & 6.5 Litre
  • Repair your pressure cooker yourself with just a screwdriver. Other parts and tools are in this pack
  • Uninterrupted Meals. Your pressure cooker can be repaired and back to work in 5 minutes
  • Guarantee of genuine parts. No risk of spurious parts when you buy parts later
  • No charge for repair and avoid untrained or unscrupulous mechanics
  • Take the kit abroad or to a town where there is no Hawkins Authorised Service Centre
  • Hawkins Repair Kit Instructions Booklet is also included
  • Color: Black, Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1 – Body Handle with Stud & Screw (B21-01; Version 2013), 1 – Subsidiary Body Handle with Screw (B19-05; Version 2013), 1 – Hawkins Pressure Cooker Gasket (B10-09), 1 – Hawkins Safety Valve (SV1), 1 – Hawkins Spanner (SP19)


The Hawkins Pressure Cooker Repair Kit (KIT5L) is a valuable accessory that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your Hawkins pressure cooker. Designed to address common wear-and-tear issues, this kit is a must-have for anyone who values their pressure cooker and wants to keep it in excellent working condition.

One of the key components of this repair kit is the safety valve. The safety valve plays a critical role in regulating pressure inside the cooker. Over time, it may wear out or become less effective. The KIT5L includes a high-quality replacement safety valve that is designed to restore the pressure cooker’s safety features to their original standards. This ensures that your pressure cooker operates safely, preventing excessive pressure buildup during cooking.

Additionally, the kit includes a gasket, which is another vital part of the pressure cooker. A tight seal formed by the gasket between the lid and cooker base prevents steam from escaping, ensuring effective cooking. A worn-out or damaged gasket can lead to pressure loss and longer cooking times. The replacement gasket included in the kit is made from durable materials to ensure a proper seal and efficient cooking.

The KIT5L also contains a pressure regulator weight assembly. This component is responsible for regulating the pressure inside the cooker by releasing excess steam. The replacement assembly in the kit ensures precise, even cooking at the desired pressure, seamlessly fitting your Hawkins pressure cooker.

The versatile Hawkins Repair Kit fits various pressure cookers, from 5-liter models to similar sizes, ensuring top-notch performance for all.


The Hawkins Pressure Cooker Repair Kit (KIT5L) is an essential accessory for Hawkins pressure cooker owners. Enhance your pressure cooker’s efficiency and lifespan with top-quality replacements: safety valve, gasket, and regulator weight assembly for consistently efficient cooking.  Invest in the KIT5L to keep your Hawkins pressure cooker performing reliably for years to come.


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