Milton Kool Rover 12 Insulated Water Jug

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  • Food Grade BPA free plastic inner keeps contents odor free throughout the day
  • Attractive design with wide mouth, Insulated with Tuf Puf to ensure content remains cold for long hours
  • Trendy tap with built-in micro filter which ensures safe and hygienic water for drinking.¬†


Milton Kool Rover 12 Insulated Water Jug is a reliable and efficient solution for keeping beverages cool and refreshing. With its durable construction and exceptional insulation capabilities, this water jug is perfect for outdoor adventures, parties, or any occasion where maintaining drink temperature is crucial.

Designed with a high-quality outer body, the Kool Rover 12 water jug ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Its rugged construction makes it resistant to impacts, making it ideal for outdoor activities and rough handling.

The key feature of the Kool Rover 12 is its impressive insulation. The double-walled insulation helps to keep beverages cold for extended periods, ensuring that you can enjoy chilled drinks even on hot days. This makes it a perfect companion for picnics, camping trips, sports events, or any outdoor gathering where cool drinks are essential.

With a generous 12-liter capacity, the Kool Rover 12 offers ample storage for a significant amount of liquid. It eliminates the need for constant refills, ensuring that you have enough refreshments to keep everyone hydrated. The large handle provides a comfortable grip for easy transportation, allowing you to conveniently carry the jug wherever you go.

The Kool Rover 12 water jug features a leak-proof tap that ensures spill-free pouring. Smooth operation is designed for the tap, allowing for controlled and mess-free serving of beverages. It also features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental leakage, providing added convenience and peace of mind.

Cleaning the Kool Rover 12 is effortless. The wide mouth opening allows for easy access, making it convenient to clean and rinse the jug thoroughly. Stains and odors are resisted by the jug, ensuring that your beverages always have a fresh and clean taste.


The Milton Kool Rover 12 Insulated Water Jug is a durable and efficient solution for keeping beverages cold and refreshing. With its sturdy construction, excellent insulation, leak-proof tap, and easy cleaning, it is an essential companion for outdoor activities and gatherings. Stay hydrated and enjoy cool drinks with this reliable water jug.


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