Sanjeev Kapoor Wellington Square Container Set,520 ml

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  • Material : Borosolicate
  • Capacity : 520 ml
  • Microwave safe
  • Airtight
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher Safe


The Sanjeev Kapoor Wellington Square Container Set,520 ml offers an elegant and practical solution for your food storage needs. With a capacity of 520 ml, these containers are designed to keep your food fresh and organized while adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these containers are durable and built to last. Square shape maximizes storage, stackable design saves space. Ideal for leftovers, meal prep, or packed lunches for work or school.

One of the standout features of the Wellington Square Container Set is its versatility. The 520 ml capacity makes it ideal for storing a variety of foods, including soups, stews, salads, snacks, and more. The airtight seal ensures that your food stays fresh for longer, preserving its flavor and texture.

The transparent design allows you to easily see the contents of each container, making it simple to locate what you need without having to open multiple containers. This not only saves time but also helps reduce food waste by keeping track of expiration dates.

The containers are also microwave-safe, allowing you to conveniently reheat leftovers without having to transfer them to another dish. Additionally, they are freezer-safe, making them perfect for storing pre-cooked meals or batch cooking for future use.

Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the dishwasher-safe design. Simply place the containers on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy and convenient cleaning, freeing up your time for other tasks.

The Sanjeev Kapoor Wellington Square Container Set is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The sleek design and modern look add a touch of style to your kitchen decor, whether they’re stored in the pantry or displayed on the countertop.


The Sanjeev Kapoor Wellington Square Container Set offers durability, style, and convenience for all, ensuring fresh, organized food storage. Invest today!


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