Trueware Thunder Boost Shaker With SS Blender 700 ml Shaker


About this item

  • Advanced driplock technology makes the cap and flip safe for hot and cold drinks, extra coorse thread on the flip. Stay open flip cap won’t close on your nose.
  • Revolutionary concave hexagon strainer eliminating powder lumps giving your drinks a perfect viscosity.
  • Non-Toxic plastic, BPA-and DEHP-Free. Safe for freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven and hot liquid, up to 120℃ (248°f).
  • The shaker holds 700ml (23.6 oz) up to the edge. Wide mouth makes it easy to add ingredients.
  • Easy to hold embossed ounce and millilitre markings. Fits in most car drink holders.


The Thunder Boost Shaker is the best quality shaker for making your favorite Protein shakes, Cold Coffee, milkshakes, Buttermilk, ice tea, mocktails, etc. It is as functional and effective as its quality. For creamy lump-free nutrition shakes just drop the wire ball in with your ingredients and shake. The Blending technology works on some principle as a wire whisk. Made out of electro-polished surgical stainless steel, it circulates throughout the contents of the bottle as you shake it, blending the thickest ingredients with ease. Lumpy shakes and cooking mixtures are a thing of the past with the Blender Bottle. The flip cap stays where you need it, so it won’t close on your nose Large drink/ pour spout- Just the right size to drink or pour out of. No plastic mixing mesh means easy to clean and empty.


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